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New Year, New Books, and New Music


The Elements of Music Composition and the Technique Builder have been updated to the third, and likely, final editions. These books are now available as a hardcover, paperback, and ebook through Barnes and Noble. You can also purchase the Kindle Editions and Paperback versions on Apple iBooks are available through the Apple Bookstore

Hardcover books on are scheduled to be available within the next week!

If you've purchased these books through Gumroad, updated versions are available to download.

Purchase Books on Barnes and Noble:


I'm currently in the process of creating the third volume of the Composing Music Series. The Craft of Music Composition continues the process that is introduced in the Music Composition Technique Builder. Students will practice theory-based exercises that are designed to develop the ear and increase knowledge of theory.


New music is released monthly on Soundcloud. Check this page out to keep up on the latest updates and available music! 

Listen to Eternal Autumn for Piano today!

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Beta Readers Wanted to Read New Books

Beta Readers Wanted to Read New Books

Elements of Music Composition Print Version Sale

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